A Complex Bravery by Robert Lipton

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sharon Dubiago's thoughts on "Complex Bravery"

Rod Lipton’s poems are “like a wind/blowing through a
bombed-out house” and he knows “who that bomber is.”
He writes from the consciousness of the bombed and
“the living narrator.” World weary, grieving,
cynical, ironic, raging, from the real to the surreal,
A Complex Bravery is of the drek of our world gone
mad, “the features of erotic despair.” “This is where
I keep my mother’s love.” But “[e]ven after all
this/there is singing about paradise.” “Not Me in
Nablus” is one of the important poems of this era.
Sharon Doubiago, Hard Country, Body & Soul, etc.


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